Saturday, April 21, 2012

- - What Once Was - -

I have a profound love for old things.           Lost things with a story.           Things that have been found with a purpose.
With this in mind I have the ongoing goal to have a photography show entitled, "What Once Was."  This theme doesn't just have to do with past centuries, broken down homes engulfed in filigree, it has to do with the many lifetimes that we live in our single existence here on earth.  Even as I turned thirty-two this past week I thought about how 'fourteen years old' seemed like another lifetime ago altogether.  Sure, I can still access most of my fourteen year old memories if need be, but my perception of things has greatly altered so how accurate is any of it in accordance with how I felt at that age?  The way that I experience the world is totally different and the things that used to upset me are now my curiosities.  These incredible shifts occur daily in nature.  Just look outside your window as in a single day the snow melts only to reveal a crocus.

What once was is not only about decade leaps in age, it's about how in a moment things can shift.  One moment life is bland, there is nothing better than the cream in your coffee and the next you meet someone and find love, discover the clouds have more shimmer, the birds have a seamless song.  Moment by moment we are shedding skins and changing shells and altering words and thoughts. If you are anything like me and resist change then I can't help but point out that there is nothing but change occurring moment to moment.  Impermanence is simply a gift - if I happen to portray the intricacies of impermanence in my future photography show "What Once Was." then it may just be what photographer's term a "happy accident."


Erin said...

Eri...I love this concept and idea, and I cannot wait to see the result of this...I know this is going to be AMAZING... :) XOXO

Erica Mazzeo said...

Thanks Eri! I can't wait and when it all comes together you will be the very first to know! Thank you for your ongoing support! xoxoxoox

Maya said...

You have a great blog here. Keep writing!

Erica Mazzeo said...

Thank you Maya!!! I needed to hear that exactly when you sent it - I appreciate your words!