Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fresh Air & Photos & Hot Cocoa, Oh My!

There is not too much that I’m sure of but I do know that a combination of both fresh air and friendship are good for the soul.
I was lucky enough to have a photo shoot this past weekend at a local farm with three wonderful friends.  We went running through the fields, stopped by an ice pond and sat in the gazebo atop a quiet hill sipping hot chocolate and sharing stories.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The lost art of Connection

Connection is a lost art.

In the technological age we have moved so far away from one another that we hardly take time out to connect anymore.  I'm guilty as charged, scrolling through my iphone in search of messages and updates, photos and articles.  Seated in the local diner, I can easily be a party of one - fully engaged in a fascinating tech-conversation with my phone, enjoying a nice salad for lunch and texting four friends at once.

Remember life before the internet?  For some it may be a hazy memory but we all functioned just fine.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike the internet, I think a lot of good has come about as a result of technology but there is one issue that technology presents -- we are forced to make choices about when and how we want to connect with others.  That's right, the ball is in our court!  Depending on who you are this can be either a blessing or a curse but for most people I know, it's not working in their favor.  Texting is so easy and going on facebook to look at photos makes you feel like you've watched the infant grow into a toddler overnight when in fact five years has actually passed.  Many of us have stopped reaching out to one another.

I think it's imperative in this day and age to find a balance.  To ensure that you maintain tangible, positive relationships with friends and family outside of the virtual box.  It's important that you still get offline and outside to breathe in the fresh air and smell the rain.
So how do we make a change?  If you're anything like me the best kinds of changes are small, simple and easy.  I suggest that you ask a friend to meet you at a local cafe for coffee or tea at some point within the next week.  Make sure during this meetup your phone is turned off so that you can be fully engaged and present.  Be sure to connect and to breathe...take in the experience and remember life is not happening behind a screen, it's in our daily connections.

I can assure you of one thing, when you and your friend are laughing or in tears over a good cup of jo, you will recall why it is essential to unplug every now and then, and "to get back to the garden."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Bennet School for Girls

I have piles and piles of photographs of abandoned homes.

What began as a hobby of researching historical buildings has now become something that I do quite frequently on my days off.  I was recently lucky enough to find out about the Bennet School for Girls in Poughkeepsie, NY.  A friend of mine read about it online and suggested we take a little road trip with our cameras and a thermos filled with homemade hot chocolate.  As soon as Sunday rolled around we headed north on the Taconic only to find the abandoned school just barely preserved by the winter air.
Moving past the chilly porch walls, climbing around wild thorns and brambles only to arrive at a water damaged ceiling ripping through to the open sky - we screamed with excitement at our discovery! Quite frankly, these are the moments that my camera lives for.  With my thorn ridden boots and fingertips numb I snapped photograph after photograph until I couldn't feel my hands any longer and then I even snapped some more after the fact.

These forgotten places are haunted by memories, music and nostalgia.  The stories of the lives that swept through are the only ghosts in these parts.  Still I find them romantic, enticing and unparalleled in their sheltered beauty.  I credit my friend Mike for finding this school and getting me to go despite the cold.  I'm grateful that I had a chilly day with a friend to explore the history of this exquisite building.   Sometimes I feel like a detective, other times like a photographer and still other times like an outsider who is lucky enough to get caught up in the child-like nostalgia that comes with exploring an old haunted house.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Three new gems just for you...

Here are three new gems for you...

Two from Kris Carr...

One from Alice Walker...

Such wisdom it takes to remain centered and balanced....
May  you all sustain your center and keep your integrity always.