Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fly me to the moon...

The brilliance of the late Georges Méliès ...

And just fyi: The Lyrid meteor shower will peak this week and there should be especially good visibility this weekend - Sunday night.  

Geoff Gaherty from msnbc writes: "To maximize your Lyrid experience, dress warmly and make yourself comfortable on a deck chair or chaise lounge. Take the time to let your eyes to adapt to the dark, then just relax and take in the sky. You don't need any optical aid, because that would limit your field of view. Meteors move too fast for you to aim binoculars or a telescope."
He continues... "Don't worry about observing at the right time. Although a meteor shower peaks at a certain hour, there are still plenty of meteors earlier and later, often by days. But do try to observe after local midnight, because that will guarantee a better mentor count."

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