Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aging and Papaya

This morning when I awoke I was thinking about aging in Western culture. So many of the folks I know are trying so hard to get younger, but I bet if you asked them if they would trade their wisdom for their "younger looks" they wouldn't make the trade. I'm just as guilty, applying my daily morning creams at the ripe young age of thirty, I find myself examining what new sub-wrinkles have developed under my eyes letting them know, "I'm watching you..." I apologize if this makes you cringe but I am solely a product of my culture as much as the last person, even if I hide it well.

Now this might sound strange but somehow all of this self-examination led me to my great-escape - the kitchen - where I broiled up a fresh and beautiful papaya for breakfast. You might ask, "how are you gonna tie this one in Mazzeo?" To which I laugh and say, "I have no clue but I know somehow it ties in." There is something sacred about getting away from the self-critique, retaining that child-like essence that never went away, and nurturing ourselves with fresh beautiful parts of the earth. The lone papaya is an extension of the natural beauty of the earth and the wrinkles that I develop over time, are not really that different. Aging can be tricky and I have older friends that have aged beyond gracefully and can assure you the key is confidence and self-love. The key is never losing that child-like feeling inside.

I'm not saying that I'm canceling out all possible future procedures or saying that women in their seventies and eighties should not work hard to feel good about themselves. All I'm saying is that you really don't see the majority of men getting botox and picking apart themselves every morning. Females in the Western culture have been taught anything but to love and value what is growing on the inside - not that that is new news.

So as I sit down to eat my delicious papaya with a hint of lime (originally an island breakfast) I think of all of the beautiful things that grow out of the earth, develop, mature, age and are tied to the natural process and evolution that has occurred since time began. Ultimately what I am trying to say is that in this 21rst century we've altered how we age, but that doesn't mean we have to alter how we think about age.
Please, I ask you to be gentle with yourselves.
Have a great weekend,
xoxox, erica


Erin said...

Eri, you are brilliant, and I love this. Thank you, love. :)

jess said...

Eri, I couldn't agree more with Erin - love this post - amazing!!!! Thank you!!!