Friday, June 5, 2009

A Happy Birthday Wish for Jessica*

My sister Jessica just turned thirty three.  Jessica is four years older than me and to say that she is both beautiful and vivacious in one sentence, doesn't even begin to sum her up. Some people are just born with a light, a good-natured soul, a quiet compassionate heart, that is my sister.  For those of you who grew up as an only child, I commend you because in all honesty I couldn't imagine life without Jess.  
Jessica is so many things.  She's a hard worker, she's got a great sense of style, she's fun-loving with a heart of gold and best of all, she's incredible at karaoke.  She's part vixen, part saint and that is what is so magnetic about her.  There is nothing like being born into a world with an older sister like Jessica, she has watched out for me since the day I was born.  There are pictures where she is four and cradling me like I am hers and in truth she has never stopped watching over me.  Jess has taken care of me through the years and stood up for me when nobody else would.  I'm so grateful for her.  
I guess what makes me think about this is that her birthday has made me reflective upon life and growing up with her.  We used to play dress up and sing into a hairbrush star struck by our reflection in the mirror, it feels like that was just yesterday.  Now we are responsible adults, we are grown women, but we still have a kinship, a laughter that has never left.  The bonds of sisterhood are so powerful and strong and they defy all time and age.  I will always look at her with her ringlets and big brown does eyes and see her as 9 and 33 in one glance.  I just want her to know that I am forever grateful to have traveled with her by my side on this journey and that if given the chance to choose a sister I would hands down choose her.  Jess makes life fun and on this birthday and every birthday to come I wish her the best.  I wish her what she gives to everyone she comes in contact with, beauty, integrity, the utmost truth, a nurturing well-spring of love and last but not least a glowing smile.  Thanks Jess, Happy Birthday :)

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Amanda said...

lovely photo of jess!