Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Critical Step in a Spiritual Practice.... "No"

Remembering to say "No" with grace and with ease is an essential part of having boundaries and maintaining healthy, honest relationships with others. Check out this video and have a great day!!!



StarryPluto said...

I liked this very much. Saying no is essential sometimes to keeping your sanity, but as she said, it's necessary for peace of mind given the circumstances. You can't give yourself to everyone all the time and not take time to be your own person. Thanks for sharing and reminding ;0

Erica Mazzeo said...

Thanks StarryPluto!!! Yes, it's so hard to remember that sometimes saying "no" is actually a really healthy choice. We need to have healthy boundaries in life but remember not to put up giant walls with one another. Thanks for the feedback!!!! :) xoxox