Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Full Moon in Aries -

Happy Full Moon in Aries...

In honor of this fiery and wild moon I have posted the empowering Stevie Nicks singing Rhiannon. Soak it in! As a result of this full moon over the next few days you will likely have a new motivation for how to go forward on your path. Aries is great at paving the way by inspiring and helping you to start any creative ventures, travel or exciting new projects that you have been putting off.

May the seeds that you planted in the spring now be fully harvested with this incredible full moon and may your thoughts and prayers be in alignment with the universe. I am sending you great health, true love, an abundance of happiness and I continue to applaud your awesome integrity to stay true to your heart!!!



jess said...

I feel honored to appear in your blog, and alongside Stevie, too! Happy Full Moon! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.

The Art of Knowing said...

I couldn't imagine two better people to include on a full moon blog... both stunning and magical* xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I have Godbumps, Bella!
Happy Full moon in
Aries to you!xoxoxo

The Art of Knowing said...

YAY!!! Anonymous...I'm so glad you have Godbumps my amazing friends...xoxoxo Happy full Moon lovely*