Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Photography Shoot Theme - Sign up Now!!!!!

Friends and Family!

The time has come once again to extend an invitation to you all to be a part of my most current photography project.
The theme over the next three months (August-October) will be Day of the Dead- in celebration of the Mexican National Holiday that honors those who came before.

I am most excited about this project because it will involve full makeup and hair - men will be provided with top hats and women with glittery flowers and gypsy gear.
Think red sparkly lips, black and white, lace, ruffles, vests and golden eyes.

Please let me know if you are interested -- -- or if you will be in the tri-state area anytime within the next few months. I know this is time and energy on your behalf but in the end you will have some fabulous photographs and hey, it's fun!!!

My goal at the end of this is to have a photography show.
I would be so grateful and happy to include your beautiful face in my art and photography portfolio/exhibit.
Love and Light,


Sherrill said...

Omg, I can't wait! I had so much fun with the last shoot and those are some of the best photos ever taken of me! I'll send you the official email, but yes, COUNT ME IN!

StarryPluto said...

I wish I was there, can I send you a pic you can manipulate!