Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The brilliant Melody Gardot

It's been a long time since I was inspired by good music. I think if you ask most folks, they would agree that music universally, is a great escape, a way to transform the atmosphere of a bad day in an instant, a way to keep perspective.

I am writing today because this past "Sunday Morning" on CBS introduced the amazing Melody Gardot to my musical library. Melody Gardot has a smokey, sultry but pure voice and makes music that's perfect for a Sunday morning ironically. Melody's voice has the essence of a real throw back so much so, that it's actually surprising she's not. Gardot has dealt with a tough life's path, hit by a car while riding her bike she has been forced to rebuild her brain, her body and in listening to Gardot's music it's easy to see that her spirit is anything but broken. Gardot has used her music as a tool to transform herself and it has worked. Rewriting her brain waves, one song at a time, paving a new road for herself with strength and focus, her music says it all. The album My One and Only Thrill, is filled with piano and jazz, soul and ultimate surrender. Her voice is immaculate in that you can hear the pain of where she's been, the power in where she's going and the beauty of possibility. Though her words are about love lost, every time I listen, I find her voice gets a little more vulnerable, slightly more sultry and always there is a new hidden strength that makes this album such a gem.
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