Monday, December 21, 2009

Strength, resilience and a dash of laughter!

It's that time of year where family and friends gather and the season is celebrated and winter is here. The snow reminds us all to tread lightly.
Today, I am writing a different kind of piece. Today I have chosen to write specifically about a person in my life who inspires me. I do not do this often but this person is too important to let the year end without paying notice to her. As the year comes to a close I think back on so many friends and family that inspire but most often I think of my grandmother.

My grandmother, Libby is one of the strongest people I know. About a month ago while I was cooking meatballs chatting away on the phone with her I asked "how do you get by day to day with a family that is made up of completely different people than when you started out as a young girl?" It wasn't an easy question to ask.

Grandma Libby is not your typical grandma. She is one of the only people I know above 80 that can successfully skype, instant message, forward -not always the most appropriate- emails :) and has more recently begged my sister to set her up with yes, a facebook account. As a woman who has
seen more trials and tribulations in her lifetime than anyone I know, she is beyond resilient.

When I put down the spatula and probe at the waaaay too garlic meatballs I'm cooking, my grandmother insists on the other end of the phone line... "Eri, the real key is laughter." "You have to laugh" she says "..and you have to be okay with change."
My grandmother somehow never gives up. It's almost as if giving up has never even been an option on her radar screen, it's not even in her vocabulary. Don't get me wrong, she's sort of a mischevious angel - she definitely knows how to say what's on her mind, she has no problem letting you know when you're wrong, but she is also quite amazing and I can never completely wrap my head around her inner-strength.

Still, I don't know that I would have the will, the outlook, the constant ability to not only joke but to put things in perspective the way she does. I think if my son in law or grandson in law for that matter, set me up with a computer I might fight him tooth and nail about how I'm quite happy with my gramophone, thank you very much. Yet, every time I'm online there she is - waiting to send me a joke, to say hi, i love you or more recently to actually type the abbreviation, lol

in reaction to something I have written.

This summer when my family stayed in Long Beach Island grandma came with us. She insisted on putting on swim gear and swimming even with her poor leg circulation. She is a woman of trust, who knows that life is fleeting and you have to be one with the moment. I know my entire family adores her and we are all amazed at her willingness to try new things and adapt to new situations and in many ways live like a woman who is destined for adventure!

I know every winter I will receive string bean salad, apple sauce and in my inbox there will usually be a dirty joke from grandma and I am beyond grateful to have a matriarch in my family like her. To be frank, my grandma's just really awesome and I don't know what any of us would do without her. So, as 2009 comes to a close I wish to personally say..Grandma, thank you, I love you soooo much....and I can't wait to see what kind of love, beauty, trust and of course, emails 2010 brings our way... lol!


scherbi said...

A delightful vignette. Thanks for sharing!

Knowing Photography said...

thank you scherbi!!!

jess said...

What a beautiful homage to an amazing woman. Made me laugh and cry all at once. Thank you!

Erin said...

Long live Libby! I LOVE this piece. Beautiful :)