Saturday, September 19, 2009

HOorAY!!!!! Jump for joy! :)

So... this morning when I awoke I went to my etsy store online and saw that I had been 'favorited' by many new artists (which means that somehow they saw my work on etsy) - since etsy is a huge marketplace it's harder to climb the ladder - so much talent. As it turns out I was featured last night on the cover of etsy!!!!! - with 9 other artists in a line up called - 'slightly haunted' treasures! My photograph 'Old Church House' made it to the cover! I can't tell you how much this made my weekend! I truly have such gratitude since I am a newer member on etsy (online site for handmade crafts and treasures) - ahhh!
So.. I just wanted to share the good news and say thank you for all of the ongoing support to all of you who read this - deepest gratitude.
- Erica*
ps. went on a late day farm photo shoot yesterday - more photos to come!


Italo said...

I'm happy for you, you deserve it!

Knowing Photography said...

thank you so much italo! Thank you for the ongoing support* all the way from italy! wow!