Friday, August 21, 2009

Today: Fire from the New Moon in Leo

New Moons are time for new beginnings. Although the new moon passed a day ago Thursday, August 20th at around 6 am, it is not too late to put your intentions out into the universe. Make a list of the things you would love to attract with this new moon in leo. Your list doesn't need to be anything more than what you are asking for with the most pure of intentions. The new moon in leo is a time for new projects, artistic or business ventures that need to get off the ground quickly. If you've had a long standing dream, idea of a business plan the new moon in leo will help it manifest quickly. The energy of Leo is passionate and productive if harnessed correctly, it is a symbol of unyielding fire and imagination. If you are looking for new love or looking to heat up a long standing relationship make sure you list your intentions (and be very specific) with this new moon. Remember - anything is possible!


Anonymous said...

erica this is great love that new pic of you. who did this portrait awesome looks like you had a fab time. much love the high priestess.

Italo said...

So, counttry girl, with this new moon I will realize my dream. It sounds good! I wish you can realize yours! Ciao, have a nice week end.

Knowing Photography said...

thanks guys! hope you are all shining like the sun :)