Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Back to Emilia
On wings
On wings I’ll fly back to Emilia,
On summer berry breeze and
Strung long evening grass
And with my long legs too.
Pack up all three closets full
And bring them to the dump,
Let go and let in Emilia once and for all.

She knew me once upon a time,
When I was a blue-collar man,
When my hands were dried up
And my love rotting and decided.
Yet with these wings that I’ve built from
Steel and stone,
I’ll fly to thee Emilia
I’m coming back home.

Her broken heart is much like a mandolin
Her hair crept through with ivy -
She’s been in love before with others
And I know I’m not her shinning knight.
But if all that I had was a taxi cab
To fly through streets and find her
I would find her.
I would find Emilia.

Tucked away in a small
Side bar, I’d proclaim my love before strangers, kings and clowns.
I’d fish her out of both drink and net
And set her free.
Her glittered hair,
Her smiling eyes,
Like a mermaid
Unkept and in a brilliant haze.

When you summon me,
Though I’m a slave to poverty,
We make love in clover,
gold and glass and fire.
You are so afraid to trust my wings
And me – let go, Emilia I beg you please.

Late at night under a full half moon
Beyond the stars I think of thee Emilia.
Maybe hidden in some garden
My heart still buried there.
And though I’ve had to give up
On taxis, on steel,
On stone and wind,
Even long summer legs grow tired,
Even gold can wilt somehow.

So the last wish I wish for my love
Is this.
Please be filled with utmost bliss.
Emilia, I love you

         trust me this I know

I love you so much,
that I had to let you go.
so much I had to let you go.
Emilia, you go on now.

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