Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A divorce poem

It was appropriate.
Nothing else could be salvaged like
A wound that needs to bleed through
And through till' it quakes
Erupting red ribbon.
Our marriage was similar in many ways.
But I put it to rest when I buried our
Wedding photos in the backyard near the 
Dog's long standing tomb.
I remember how I walked a tight rope from end to end.
The first few years, 
I tried so hard to keep 
Things neat.
And in the mix of presentables,
You assumed that I no longer
Needed color.

Now, in my new space, 
The walls are a soft canary yellow
And the bathroom is filled 
Wall to wall with buttercup colored paint.
I keep affirmations on the fridge to remind me
How I got here and 
My dear statue of a fine bodhisattva, near my bedside.
She was mine to begin with and we both know that.

I learned to be free in the past two years.
I learned to unlearn that I need a man to fix things.
I've replaced to many light bulbs to go back and 
Even if you asked me, 
I wouldn't.

Here's what you don't know.
I was married to you for thirty years and here is what
You still do not know.
My mother raised me in good soil for strength.
My father taught me truth.
There is a divinity in my 
Step that you will never touch, that money cannot buy.
And for you, I am sad.
I go home at night and my yellow walls
Greet me and there is an impending peace
Within my home.

I laugh every time a light goes out now.
I take it as a sign from God, 
Reminding me that I am more than ok to fix things myself.

Tomorrow I will buy myself flowers
A huge bouquet of brilliance and beauty to
Ignite my spirit.
And as I walk down the street in the small hamlet near our old house,
I might even smirk to myself
Knowing that I've never been 
More in love.  Freedom
Is the kiss of divinity and that is
The only love there is.
Thank you.


kathryncole said...

Beautiful...thank you.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself...Thank you, from my heart,for putting into words,what I couldn't. You are truly gifted!!!!I look forward to more Blogs daily.It's as if you know me, and I know you don't.....WOW!!!