Friday, June 26, 2009

What to do in Westchester, NY?

Almost all of my life, I have lived in Westchester County, NY a wonderful community with a multitude of shops, restaurants and artisans.  I have listed some of the gems of the area for those of you who live nearby or those visiting.  Enjoy!

A favorite hide out of mine is Kathleen's Tea Room in Peekskill, NY.  Perfect for meeting up with an old friend, this place has country charm with a fireplace and mismatching victorian style tea kettles and place settings.  They have a delicious array of salads, wraps and hi tea for those feeling daring enough to try.   

One of my favorite local artists whose work has graced the cover of Inner Realm magazine multiple times, is Cecilia Soprano.  Cecilia is in my eyes an artistic genius, quite accomplished with a multitude of her work in galleries across the country - her art is spiritual, fantastical and truly exquisite.  You can view her paintings and prints on her website:
Cecilia's art can also be purchased and is on display at one of my favorite jaunts in Katonah, NY - Awakenings.  

Awakenings is a fabulous metaphysical book store with great customer service!  The shops owner and coworkers are always friendly and have stunning crystals, jewelry and books that are hard to get at the "average" book store.  It has the feel of a sunny tree house, decorated with the most beautiful statues, huge crystal specimen and art all over the store.  You can either visit Awakenings online at their home page: or their online store:  

The Neuberger Museum of Art at Purchase College in Purchase NY is one of the best kept secrets in Westchester.  They have an original Edward Hopper that takes up a huge amount of the museum's upstairs wall.  The lower level of the museum is always changing, and has ongoing educational exhibits.  When I was last there, they had an exhibit on African art and fetishes from different areas within Africa.  The first saturday of every month, admission is free!

Websites of some other places that I love in the area (Check them out if you have a chance!):

If you are looking for something historical to do, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow are home to some of the finest historical tours at places like Philipsburg Manor and Sunnyside (home to the famous writer Washington Irving.
One of the lesser visited sites on the Historic Hudson Valley tours and possibly one of the most breathtaking is the Union Church
Mark Chagal windows in this place are truly works of light and art - 

Westchester, NY has a lot to offer and I hope if you find time to visit, eat at, shop or take in any of these places you will be inspired the way I have been!  

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